Artificial Intelligence

Predicting the future isn't magic, Its Artificial Intelligence

We are continuously moving towards the digital world. To insures, organizations do not fall behind in this race. We transform organizations to the cognitive enterprise using intelligence systems that can see, listen, comprehend and learn.

Create intelligent workflows that utilize AI, data and analytics

We are continuously moving towards the digital world. To insures, organizations do not fall behind in this race. We transform organizations to the cognitive enterprise using intelligence systems that can see, listen, comprehend and learn.

Turn AI Aspirations into Tangible Business Outcomes

Artificial intelligence services from Infrort Technology can help you drive smart reinvention of your workflows, technology and entire organization to transform your business into a Cognitive Enterprise. Our industry experts help you implement a data-first strategy, take advantage of your real-time information, augment with third-party sources and integrate with advanced technologies, such as IoT, cognitive automation and AI.

Supermarket and Grocery

Technological advancements in retail have enabled shoppers to grab the best deals from the comfort of their homes. This has put considerable strain on the traditional retailer, with challenges to both the top- and bottom-line. Retailers need to offer personalized marketing, expand multichannel capabilities, making data-backed decisions and leverage technologies such as IoT, big data the cloud and mobility.

Our services and solutions for the retail industry range from complex business process optimization to cutting-edge, innovative products. Applexus, retail solution providers, enables retailers to recognize the needs of consumers, make data-backed decisions, manage product lines, streamline supply chains and reduce operational overhead.

Fashion and Lifestyle

Times change. Trends Change. Customers Demand Change. The typical fashion consumer of today is a tech-savvy, social media enthusiast who demands the latest global trends at the best possible prices. The fashion industry continues to be characterized by constant changes and innovations, bringing along with it equal amounts of both opportunities and challenges for retailers. Even as fashion retailers are increasingly trying to transform their challenges into growth opportunities, the legacy processes retailers use are seldom truly digitally enabled.

Wholesale and Distribution

Helping wholesale distributors step into the future Challenges faced by the wholesale distribution industry Efficient operations, lower costs and satisfied customers are the core values driving the wholesale distribution industry. The recent past has seen many transformations in the way the industry functions. Innovative and disruptive technologies have been at the forefront of this transformation. Tighter profit margins, rising expectations for quality of products and pressure to minimize costs and demand for highly efficient logistical operations are just a few of the issues facing the wholesale industry today.

Pharma and Health Care

The life sciences industry is a rapidly evolving, innovative space with both small and large players contending to bring novel, life-enhancing products to the marketplace. While the emergence of new drugs and devices have been advantageous to such companies, they struggle to thrive in the market due to tightening regulatory guidelines, data integrity, differential drug pricing and so on. To make things worse, medical device and pharmaceutical supply chain is becoming highly complex, tiered and globalized. Within this new environment, the pharmaceutical industry is finding it hard to cope with the pace of innovation patients aspire and investors expect.

Discover the Possibilities with Us

"With the huge boost in data access, computing power, and speed from Cloud, businesses can scale their AI faster, change their business outcomes and expedite their return to sustainable growth."

AI based customer churn prediction’s customer churn prediction solution combines improved data management process with a powerful advanced predictive analytics tool. Companies are able to use their limited resources to increase customer retention by:

  • Prioritizing the customers relationship managers should contact (customers who have decided to leave as well as dormants).
  • Exposing drivers of churn phenomena, giving them the ability to resolve underlying issues upon occurrence and prepare better retention offers.
  • Quantifying trends in the expected volume of clients or products.

  • AI based visual quality control

    Visual quality control solution Harnessing the power of recent developments in deep learning, offers a solution that works well for complex patterns while eliminating the tedious manual configuration required by traditional computer vision algorithms. Our visual quality control solution is developed to best suit the specific client’s needs: The system’s architecture is designed to perform best in the client’s environment. As long as the goods produced are from the same domain, the system can be automatically reconfigured by merely presenting it with good examples. This is a key advantage whenever the defective products are rare or the anomalies are not reproducible. After a short learning phase, the system is ready to be used in production. The solution can be shipped as an all-in-one system addressing multiple use cases, including anomaly localization, defect classification and assessment of the severity and quantity of defects.

    Froud Detection with AI

    Fraud co-evolves with technology, exposing organizations to both more sophisticated attacks and entirely new types. At the same time, technology provides tools for preventing and defending against them. Identifying suspicious operations takes time, labor and no small number of mistakes, all of which can be reduced with machine learning algorithms. Picking the right algorithm, properly preparing the input and the approach to training leads to greater detection of anomalies and fewer false alarms.