PetroSoft 365

The Petrosoft365 has been developed on the basis of enhancing the inserting and maintaining the customer records of Petrosoft365. This software provides us daily reports related to customer dues, invoices and products stock and detailed analysis from each & every Aspect.

Petrosoft365 is application, which allows collecting information about customer and vehicle. The application provides electronic version of form used in collecting customer, sales and purchases information.
The application saves data collected to database. Its operational status is under development. General Information section explains in general terms the system and the purpose for which it is intended.
Dashboard is the summarized section where admin can have collective information regarding the system flow, customer dues control panel.
The Functionality to send reminder payment SMS facility has been provided which helps admin to send the reminders SMS by SMS gateway.
Using The System section provides a detailed description of system functions. Reporting section describes in what way information collected by the application are presented and how to access the information.

System Summary section provides a general overview of the system. The summary outlines the uses of the system’s hardware and software requirements, system’s configuration, user access levels and system’s behaviour in case of any contingencies.

Petrosoft365 operates online as well Offline. It is compatible with Android 1.5 API level 3 and higher versions. The application requires connection to Internet in order to save data to database. Data saved in database can be seen using any major Internet browser. After installation on the device, Petrosoft365 can be used immediately without any further configuration.

User Access Levels
This application access by 4 different levels

  • Admin
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Account
  • Everyone can use application according to their authority and only registered users are able to save data to database.


    Petrol Pump Functions
    Shift wise Transaction

  • As per pump reading sales
  • Cashier wise sales Entry
  • Oil product sales Entry
  • Credit sales Entry
  • Receipts & Payment Entry
  • Bank Deposit Entry
  • Shift wise Opening - Purchase - Sale - Closing Stock
  • Shift wise DIP Entry

  • Stock Transfer Facility

  • Maintain go down and Showroom Stock

    DIP Calculation Facility

  • As per DIP reading stock automatic calculation
  • Tank load unloading facility
  • Temperature & Density maintenance facility

  • Evaporation loss/inventory variance recording

  • Fuel type wise recording of evaporation to match system stock with actual stock Customer Master Maintenance
  • Customer billing method - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, 10 days, 15 days.
  • Vehicle master & define product for each vehicle
  • Coupon issue facility
  • Define Credit limit & Credit days to every customer
  • Overdue payment & day's reminder facility

  • Service Centre maintenance

  • Service Centre billing

    Credit Billing Process Facility

  • Bill process as per customer method
  • Single Bill, Weekly Bill, Fortnightly Bill, Monthly Bill or 10 days bill
  • Generate Vehicle wise bill
  • Invoice details
    a. Bill Amount

  • b. Previous Balance
    c. Receipt Amount
    d. Total Balance
    e. DC Number
    f. DC Date

    Easy Billing

  • Service Charges calculation
  • Discount Facility on LTR/Amount
  • Interest calculation facility on balance amount
  • SMS charges

  • Pump Inspection Facility

  • Recording of pump inspection by Sales Officer
  • Inspection report

  • Credit Bill printing facility

  • DC wise total
  • Billing Date wise
  • Vehicle wise
  • Outstanding print

  • Security Deposit account maintenance
    Credit Sales Report

  • Shift wise Credit Sales Report
  • Customer Credit sales Report with details
  • Unbilled Credit Sales report
  • Credit sale report (Customer wise) from date to date
  • Item wise Credit Sales Report
  • Day wise Credit Sales (Only in Amount)
  • Item wise Credit & Cash sale Report with Value

  • Daily Report

  • Shift sales report - Three types of report
  • DSR Report - Two type of report
  • Cashier wise Shift sales Report
  • Cashier wise analysis Report
  • Product wise Shift Sales report
  • Toll Report (Required for submit to company)

  • Master

  • Pump Master
  • Tank Scaling
  • Price rate changes
  • Opening Stock
  • Item Master
  • Price List Print
  • Counter Master

  • Inventory

  • Purchase Bill Entry
  • Stock Report
  • Item wise Stock Report
  • Opening - Purchase - Sales - Closing Report with Value
  • Supplier wise Stock Report
  • Item Lower then Min. Stock Report
  • Location wise Stock Report
  • Purchase Report
  • a. Supplier wise purchase
    b. Item wise Purchase


  • Customer Receipt Entry
  • Payment Voucher Entry
  • Miscellaneous Receipt Entry
  • Journal Voucher Entry
  • Advance Clearing Voucher Entry
  • Cash Deposit Entry
  • Cash withdrawal Entry
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Account Master Entry
  • Account Group Entry
  • Opening Balance Entry
  • Opening Balance Print
  • Customer Ledger
  • Supplier Ledger
  • General Ledger
  • Journal Voucher Print
  • Day Book
  • Bank Book
  • Daily Cash Balance Report
  • Bank Book Summery
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit-Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • VAT Reports
  • Deposit Management
  • Outstanding Reports
  • a. Closing Balance List
    b. Area wise Outstanding List
    c. Balance Bill Report
    d. Transaction Summery
    e Balance Bill Enquiry
    f. Outstanding Exceeding Limit
    g. Debit Credit over 2 yrs
    h. Bill outstanding Vertical
    i. Interest Report
    j. Bill wise outstanding list

    Something SPECIAL

  • Inbuilt SMS system
  • Data export facility
  • Excellent reporting
  • Installations across India
  • e - mailing facility

  • SMS & E-mail Facility
    SMS send to credit customer

    Your vehicle no.MH. 14 AH 9816 filled DIESEL 144.25 ltr .by order slip no. 442253 for amt Rs. 5256.93 at 15-01-09 16.35 hrs.

    SMS send to credit customer after generating Bill
    Dear Customer, your fuel bill no. 335577 generated on 02.12.2008 for amt Rs. 6,22,545.00 pls. arrange necessary payment, for assistance pls. call 91232 13000

    SMS send to customer when he pays
    Dear Customer, we received your payment Rs. 5,45,050.03 by Chq no. 12285 bank of Maharashtra on 16-02-2009, Thank you.

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    • Employee Management
    • Client Company
    • Client Company1
    • Client Company2
    • Client Company3
    • Client Company4
    • Client Company5

    • Employee Management
    • Client Company
    • Client Company1
    • Client Company2
    • Client Company3
    • Client Company4
    • Client Company5

    • Employee Management
    • Client Company
    • Client Company1
    • Client Company2
    • Client Company3
    • Client Company4
    • Client Company5

    • Employee Management
    • Client Company
    • Client Company1
    • Client Company2
    • Client Company3
    • Client Company4
    • Client Company5