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The Petrosoft365 has been developed on the basis of enhancing the inserting and maintaining the customer records for your Digital Fuel Station. This software provides us daily reports related to customer dues, invoices and products stock and detailed analysis from each & every Aspect.

Business Intelligence

Petrosoft365 is application, which allows collecting information about customer and vehicle. The application provides electronic version of form used in collecting customer, sales and purchases information with Auto Accounting Feature. The application saves data collected to database. General Information section explains in general terms the system and the purpose for which it is intended.

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dashboards serve as the central interface of your system. They're the first display that users see, and they contain critical information that is updated in real time. The visibility requirements of each of your functional areas will differ Dashboard is the summarized section where Administration, Sales Manager, Purchase Manager, Account Manger can have collective information regarding the system flow, customer dues control panel.

Interactive tools to communicate with customers

The Functionality to send reminder payment SMS and what’s app facility has been provided which helps Administration, Sales Manager, Purchase Manager, Account Manger to send the reminders SMS by SMS gateway.

help drive success across the board by enabling your teams to identify, understand, and implement communication strategies that fit your business model.

Business Analysis just on figure tip

Using The System section provides a detailed description of system functions. Reporting section describes in what way information collected by the application are presented and how to access the information.

A business comprises of goals and drivers. The drivers understand and guide the business to reach its goals. This process of understanding a business, its needs, problems, solutions, etc. is known as business analysis. Business analysis is performed by the stakeholders or drivers of the business so that they can ensure all business problems are taken care of.

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Probably interact with artificial intelligence on a daily basis, and it's helping some

With all these new artificial intelligence use cases comes the fuel automation of whether machines will force humans into obsolescence. Just sommunate with your customers with Whats app automation and so on...

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