Big Data

Big Data

Power Your Business with Actionable Business Insights

We enable clients to improve their decision-making capability by providing them access to a wide range of data analytics solutions, services, and resources.

Your data is growing every day & you can't stop it - but you can control it with Big Data. Let's find the business in your data!


Services to define your Big Data
blueprint, strategy & roadmap


Adopt Agile approach for advanced Big Data analytic apps

Data Science

Develop robust predictive
analytical algorithms & models

Big Data Offerings

Being a prominent Big Data Consulting Company, our motive is to use big data technology in enhancing
user's life with the delivery of richer digital experiences & smarter decisions

Data Warehousing

Focusses on capturing & integrating only structured data from various sources for analytical reporting, ad-hoc/structured queries & decision making. It cannot handle unstructured, raw or complex data

Data Lake

A centralized repository that stores structured or unstructured data the way it is, without the structuring of data & supports processes like dashboard/visualizations, real-time analytics & ML for informed decisions

ETL for Analytics

Data are retrieved from operational systems & pre-processed for analysis with EXTRACTION of data from databases, TRANSFORMATION that includes cleaning, filtering, validating rules & LOADING of data into a data warehouse

Data Processing

Manipulation & processing of data into usable form using a predefined sequence of operations done either manually or automatically to get meaningful insights enabling users to choose output that suits the requirement

Data Integration

Collaboration of technical and business processes to combine data from disparate sources and provide a unified view of data of the company's data assets for retrieval of meaningful & valuable information

Robust Big Data Tools for Smarter Insights

As the complexity of data arises, new and advanced capabilities are required to fully harness the power of Big Data.
Let's focus on attaining actionable insights and realizing the greatest business value with our successful tools

  • hadoop
  • cassandra
  • mongodb
  • hive
  • apache_flink
  • apache_spark
  • hd_insight
  • datalake_analytics

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